In order to realize our Mission: “FREE SPEECH for REAL TRUTH!
We have to bundle our Talents, Knowledges and Wisdom on a single Platform.

At present, an investment banker or high ranking politician receives large amounts of money to change His or Their “World“.

We, the Truthers, or independent Artists can’t compete inside their Babylonian Money Slave System; then we are different and it flows thru our Veins: “THE TRUTH …which we are fighting for; with our Heart and Soul!”


To All, who are spreading the TRUTH over the Internet!
We want to change the way the truth is presented and told. Our primary stakeholders receive a monthly basic income to fulfill their mission; spreading the truth over the Internet in various formats: Movies, Music, Video Games, Radio Streams, Books and News!

Our Vision:
To replace “Hollywood”, the Entertainment- and the FAKE News Media Industry!

My name is Richard Kern and I live in Switzerland.


Is there one Truth; present situation?
The Alternative Media and Conspiracy Research Community has lost more and more it’s credibility in presenting the Truth, that is based on Facts.

Is it because of conflicts between various channel operators; or stealing and twisting the works of well-known researchers or investigative journalists?

One of the main reasons could be, that Youtube channel operators must keep their subscribers happy; or even finance their lives with their content. This leads to enormous competitive pressure, which poisens the Truth!


Does Truth has a value?
We implement a truth validation process for the created content on The validation results will be accessable for the end user. The submitted content will be validated by expert groups in their area of expertise, which are also primary stackholders of; and they receive the same basic monthly salary as we.


How to spread the Truth on Internet without Censorship?
We run a decentralized open-source platform on blockchain technology for in House certified: Conspiracy Realists, Researchers, Investigators, Independent Journalists, Investigative Authors, Bible Experts, Historians, Audio- or Visual Artists etc. who want to escape the censorship, or enslavement of the commercial industry to spread the Truth — Our Core-Product!

… more Information You will find on:


Our Business Model
Thomas has written some White Papers how to run a Crypto Currency with his Blockchain and Digital-ID; he named it C$

With CDollar (C$/CHD) we finance Our business model. “All primary Stakeholders which are: Conspiracy Realist, Investigators, Translators, Journalists, Book Writers, IT & Admin Staffs, Video & Design Teams, Marketing-Experts, Mental- or Health Experts, Bible-Experts, Radio-Hosts, Artist’s etc. receive a monthly Singularity-Income — so they can Focus on: