“TRUTH” Monopoly of YouTube plunge with C-Dollar (C$)?

To All, who are spreading the TRUTH over the Internet!

My name is Pierre Richard Kern and I live in Switzerland. I would like to stop the arbitrary YouTube censorship, which mainly affects the Truther Community & Alt Media channel operators, see: Luna Martínez, Titus Frost, Teddyboy RSA, Richie from Boston, Travelheart, Enterthe5t4rzDAKOGA dany, A Call for UprisingLeFloid or just recently Corbett Report etc.; well, the affected channel operator could switch to another platform provider, but most users are not willing to accept a derivative; be it for usability, load performance or the large selection of topics on YouTube.

Can YouTube’s “TRUTH” monopoly be broken?
I suspect you agree with me; creating a 1: 1 copy of YouTube and hoping that users will visit YOUR platform will not work at all. In order to succeed in commerce, there is a main rule: “Find a niche and expand on the core product.” mmhh … so, then we have the best core product — The TRUTH! As you can see in theselast’ days, this product is increasingly becoming a niche offer; and if we consider the economic theory: “It’s a Fast Selling Product”!

How to spread the Truth on Internet without Censorship?

We run a decentralized open-source platform on block-chain technology for: Conspiracy Realists, Bible Experts, Independent & Investigative Journalists or Writers, Audio or Visual Artists etc.; who want to escape the censorship or enslavement of the commercial industry to spread the Truth — Our Core-Product! The platform has a LIVE Stream feature, which is highly appreciated by YouTube channel operators, with video- and group chat; and if desired with multi-live streaming for simultaneous publishing on third-party platforms, such as Twitch, Facebook etc.?

Who is the Developer of the Block-Chain Platform?

It is a friend of mine, his name is Thomas and he also lives in Switzerland. Thomas was a partner of an IT company that developed financial and transaction software for major Swiss banks. As a young adult, Thomas wrote the code for the plastic card payment terminals of Swiss commerce, and then founded with friends, his IT company in Zurich. A few years ago, Thomas sold his shares to realize his life project: CUBE256 is an open-source platform based on block-chain technology, combined with a decentralized encrypted Digital-ID. Thomas has been programming CUBE256 from scratch for several years, this means: “No Spaghetti Code and Backdoor for the Secret Intelligence Services!”

“What is CUBE256?” from Thomas website:
CUBE256 is a distributed content-sharing, communication and collaboration infrastructure based on the MONO framework, written in C# language. It is designed to protect information with standard technologies while keeping it accessible by distribution and redundancy. The software can operate on various targets, including smartphones, desktops and embedded devices in a seamless way, providing as much service the platform can support. The user-interface, based on HTML5, can be rendered by compatible browsers, providing convenient access in almost every situation. CUBE256 supports a digital-identity security model for personal and corporate communication that is easy to deploy and manage, remaining freely configurable and customizable. It takes safety to a new level by providing a protected, conceptually transparent and configurable environment for data-exchange interactions including files, contacts, publications, security information and other data. The environment is designed to protect from data-leakage on data in transit as well as data stored permanently, by applying appropriate, conventional cryptographic methods.

The main Technical Aspects of CUBE256:
– Build on Block-Chain Technology
– Distributed Hypercube Cluster Network
– Decentralized Elliptic Curve Cryptographic (ECC) Digital-ID

The Challenge of “Big Data” and Load-Performance!

This is exactly what Thomas has considered when planning CUBE256, due he was confronted with the global financial transactions volume of Swiss banks at his former company. The solution is to operate CUBE256 in a cluster network, see example: Beowulf Cluster. The only problem could be, that the users do not make their computers available to operate our cluster network. But, I think with a transparent communication, that should not be the case:

Dear user
Our Data is Ours; And that’s Good!
We do not want to use centralized servers because it is likely they have to 75% a back door to a secret or intelligence service system!
Interested in supporting the TRUTH with Your Personal Computer? Become a “Cluster” of www.getreal.com !!!

Thomas has written some White Papers; how to run a Crypto Currency with his Block-Chain and Digital-ID; he named it C$. With C-Dollar (C$/CHD) we finance Our business model: All primary stakeholders (Content Creators, IT & Admin Staffs, Investigators, Translators, etc.) receive a monthly Singularity-Income to fully commit themselves to the Mission:

Did I arouse Your Interest or do You have Questions?

You can contact me at rich@cdollar.org and Please; share this information with other “Truthers”, you are friends with.

Thank you very much!

Warm Regards