Summary of C$

With rigorous YouTube censorship and the swift fall of Net Neutrality the Internet will no longer be the platform of Free Speech. To counteract this development, we’ll operate a trusted communication network within the Internet.

CUBE256 is a decentralized open-source content media publishing and communication & collaboration platform, based on blockchain technology, which is hosted in a cluster network and only accessible via decentralized Digital-ID. The Digital-ID is encrypted with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and also acts as a decentralized e-Wallet for the Crypto Currency CDollar (C$/CHD) — “No Cost of owning or sending C$ to Your Friends & Family; because You do not need a bank or financial institution!”

Each C$ is divided into Four major Currencies, and that’s GOOD so:
1.) To guarantee the financial reserve in local paper money for buying and selling C$ to the stationary Retailers in Your town — NO LIMITS FOR C$!

2.) By incorporating the local stationary Retailers, we reach the “Average” Citizen; so that He or She can buy and sell CDollar (C$/CHD) on the local Retailers daily-rate of His or Hers choice — THINK GLOBAL & BUY C$!

3.) “WE GUARANTEE a 100% Inflation Stability Rate on CDollar (C$/CHD)”. With the split of 1 C$ in four major currencies; which are 4 nations that manipulate their national inflation rate by no more than max 3%. This allows us to guarantee C$ as an alternative to local currencies, that are more than 5% inflation volatil — C$: THE LIBERATION OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER?

4.) For the creation of 1 C$ it does not need natural resources or the enormous power consumption for the mining of Crypto Currencies, like: Bitcoin! — SAVE THE PLANET; USE C$!
Our business model:
All primary stakeholders receive a monthly Singularity-Income, so they can focus on their Tasks: