Vision & FAQ

In order to realize our Vision, we need a fair solution for all the primary Stakeholders, than not everyone is an expert in self-marketing, blogger or Video producer. To resist against “Them”, whoever it is; we have to bundle our Talents, Knowledges and Wisdom on a single Platform. At present, an investment banker or high ranking politician receives large amounts of money to change His or Their “World“. We, the Truthers, or independent Artists can’t compete inside their Babylonian Money Slave System. We are different, because it flows thru our Veins: “THE TRUTH …which we are fighting for with our Heart and Soul!”

With the monthly Singularity income, we want to create a new salary structure which of course includes Thomas and myself also! Everyone who joins us, gets the same income; regardless of education or activity! Our goal is to reach a monthly income of 7.5K CHF (9oK/year) for all primary stakeholders. The surplus will be split for the annual profit (bonus). In order to achieve our goal, it’s a must to integrate the local stationary Retailers where your Neighbors, Friends or Family Members can buy or sell C$ (CHD) without a Bank, and to own C$ without a Babylonian Central Bank!

We believe,
C$ could become the “leading” Crypto Currency for the daily Market;

How we build Trust in C$?

With the Word of GOD — the Bible!. Don’t worry, we do not want “convert” people. Our mission is to open the eyes of humanity in a professional format without Censorship; and if feasible, always with biblical prophecies combined for explaining the current world stage events and to justify our Claim: iGetREAL-NEWS!

Our declaration: We destroy the mainstream Film- and Music Industry! Over the last few decades the Entertainment industry has evolved into a satanic freak show, studded with occult symbols for their mind control program for enslaving humanity! THIS HAS TO STOP! To counteract their manipulations, we will launch our own Media & Entertainment Platform.

Our obligation: Debunking the false Whistleblower, like in UFO Coummunity!We do not want dislcose any of the UFO Conspiraycies without solid proof. Our Mission is to expose the false Information and let the Audience know.

How we reach Humanity?

With “ for Truth Seekers” we produce and publish contents in different formats and languages on the Internet for everyone; free of charge & without advertising. To achieve our Vision, we create small mixed Teams:

And not to forget: IT-admin specialists, programmers and marketing experts, etc., who are responsible for the process, maintenance and new developments of the system, they will get the same income as we do — “Our monthly Singularity-Income!” Any rental or mobility expenses, etc. are covered by, so It’s in the interest of all involved parties that the teams are most possible local organized. We do not want to lose time unnecessarily.

How we Start?

Since spring 2017 is CUBE256 operative in various Offices as a File-Sharing System in the Hyber Cluster Cloud. To launch C$ it’s not big task anymore. What it needs, is the GUI and the transaction module. We don’t want to spend time and money to make a App for demonstration purpose. For us; it does not make sense to launch CDollar (C$) on the Crypto Currencies Market without the “iGetREAL” primary Stakeholders: “We Build Trust; and not Speculations — so Let’s do it Right & Fair for All?”

And this is why we are planning to meet You or Team in person without the NSA; to discuss Your opinions and suggestions by a coffee or a beer in Your Town? Intersted to meet us on our USA Trip, or You’ve some questions? Please send an e-mail to:

Our provisional USA travel route:
“We would be very happy to meet and get You to know;
with Your Feedbacks and Ideas after the USA Trip — We can start to raise Money.”

Time is pressing, Censorship is not waiting!
The Truth must be heard; then it needs its own
Platform whatever it takes and
with GOD’s Help!

Please, Share and Like this Information to other Channel Operators which You’re friend with. Thank You very much. GOD Bless.

Warm Regards

Richard Kern
Kichstrasse 32
2540 Grenchen (SO)
++41 (0)75 422 07 43 (WhatsApp)